Wren Kitchens UK & USA

Back in 2016, Wren Kitchens was one of the very first companies that had an introduction to our
‘Adjustable Spacer Fixing’.

At the time, the then Managing Director was so impressed with our revolutionary product, he recognised the huge potential our fixing could provide.

Within a matter of weeks, we had met with both the owner and Managing Director of Wren Kitchens, two of the most successful and innovative people in the KBB industry… They both recognised the benefits that our adjustable spacer fixing would bring to Wren and ordered supplies right away.

Wren Kitchens were starting a new initiative to look after their kitchen installers. They understood that having happy kitchen installers gave them a competitive advantage and improved sales.

Their standards matched ours and from that meeting, Wren Kitchens started to sell the kitchen base units, with one of our revolutionary fixing 'In The Box'.
To support their kitchen installers further, Wren Kitchens produced a series of video guides on YouTube and our adjustable spacer fixing is featured. 

Take a look at the Video Wren Kitchens produced to support their installers featuring our fixing. 

We manufacture our ‘adjustable spacer fixings’ in the UK making our production process agile to meet the expectations of Wren Kitchens on a bimonthly basis, sending them loose to their components collation firm. Every customer receives an individual fixing with each bag of fittings for each base unit.

Essentially Wren chose to put our product in with theirs, which we are very proud of.


We’ve proudly won an innovation award from FIRA our key industry body. Our small adjustable spacer fixing, has made installing base units fast, simple and professional with zero impact on the integrity of the unit.

"Space-Plug has supplied it’s Adjustable Spacer Fixings with Wren base units for 7 years. A simple yet innovative fitting that costs pennies. With great success in the UK it was a no brainer to also supply these over in the USA as well. They’ve never missed a delivery and we’ve never received anything but positive feedback. When we launched Fitted Bedrooms this year, we approached them to develop a smaller version to deal with the anti-tip requirement of free standing furniture too. They did just that with some more original innovation and in a very short timescale. We’re delighted with the product and the team at Space Plugs support and dedication over the years!"

Mark Sellars - Head of Product Design and Development for Wren Kitchens

Since our relationship started, Wren Kitchens have dramatically expanded their showroom network, with currently 111 stores in the UK. They continue to supply our products as well as several other fitter led solutions in the ‘box’ and they showcase our products in their showrooms.

In 2020 Wren Kitchens opened it’s first showroom in the USA and is expanding. They have introduced selling Euro Cabinets to USA and Canada - and of course our adjustable spacer fixing is included!

We are proud to be a part of their journey as they continue to increase their sales and market penetration in the UK, Europe and North America.



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