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‘I want to supply an adjustable spacer fixing with my units and want the savings and benefits of reducing the side panels but worried my installers won’t understand the flat-back units?’

We’ve got you covered!
Space-Plug Evolution.



Evolution has all the benefits of ‘In the box’ & ‘SP Freedom’, but with the benefit of knowing your customers still have that all important starting point! Introducing the SP Datum Peg. A cuffed peg that slides easily into pre-drilled holes in the rear of the cabinet. Even the most experienced kitchen installer may find a base unit with no protruding side panels a conundrum. So to avoid head scratching, as its name suggests, our ingenious invention creates the perfect starting point for installers when first offering their cabinet to the wall. Datum Pegs come in 5mm increments from 35mm to 65mm… so everyone’s covered!

Save material, save money and add value marketing with Space-Plug Evolution. When adopting the evolutionary process, we will give you permission to use our Space-Plug “Certificate of Evolution”. Our seal of approval has been specifically designed as a trust seal, for you to use in any way you see fit. Advertise in your showrooms, on your website, on your social media channels, in your marketing literature and on your packaging. Your customers will recognise that your business has invested in a patented and award winning, proprietary fast fit system for their benefit and at the same time provide your marketing team another tool to add value to your furniture. Be ahead of the game and demonstrate a real intent to “get it done RIGHT!” whilst saving money, preserving guarantees, saving time and saving materials!

Finally, the kitchen base unit has evolved!

See how much you can save...



SP Evolution Install
Traditional Install

10 Reasons to Evolve and Maintain that, "Old School" feel!












The Benefits to You, You're Installers & You're Customers


The "Space-Plug" Certificate of Evolution

When you adopt the Space-Plug Freedom fast fit system, as well as saving money in your manufacturing methods, we will give you the marketing tools to reap all the marketable benefits.

To celebrate our patented & proprietary fixing systems, we have designed the “Space-Plug” Passport to Freedom trust seal. Create instant added value, by using our trust seal in marketing material and on your packaging. Tell your customers that you have invested in an award winning fixing for their kitchen.

The cheapest marketable benefit you’ll ever buy!

Speed Up Installation

SP Evolution is a faster fitting process. Usually only 1 fixing per base unit, there are fewer components to find and installers never move a unit when set in the room. They never have to cut round services, never have to scribe because of out of plumb walls, and never have to re-edgeband. Evolution instantly creates your
service void measurement and the perfect starting point!

An Ultra-Fast Fit is always going to please installers and customers alike.

Provide a Professional Finish

While your customer waits for those templated worktops, your base units look great when fitted with a row of robust, designed for purpose fixings. Unsightly, skewed & fiddly little brackets are not what your installers or your customers want to use or see! Your customers would much prefer not to see “great chunks” of unit and edgebanding chopped out!

Reduce The Components You Supply

With SP Evolution no need for: 2 x ‘L’ brackets, 2 x attachment screws, 2 x access ports, 2 x cover caps, 2 x 50mm (void width of materials) x 720mm

Just add 1 Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing,
a couple of Datum Pegs and their locator holes.

Replace fiddly complex out of date practices!

Installers will revel in the ease and simplicity of installing your furniture with an adjustable spacer fixing and delight in the fact they have no more cutting, shimming or offering up units to wobbly walls! And with Datum Pegs in the box that initial offer up will be just like the old days... but BETTER!

Reduce Handling

With Space-Plug Evolution there’s never a need to move a unit once it’s in place.

Drill straight through for 100% speed and accuracy!

Want your fixings to be accessible as they should be?

With an adjustable spacer fixing they are! Whether that’s during the install or after, it is always the simplest of tasks to reach and access.

Innovation at every turn

Take to the salesroom floor and show your customers and installers that your business is cutting edge and provides the very best in innovative products
to get the job done right… Fast!

Be ahead of the game

Adding Space-Plug Evolution demonstrates a real intent to “get it done RIGHT!” Evolve your furniture. Employ our creme de la creme system and save money, save time and save materials ALL whilst maintaining that old school feel!

Want to install your furniture with perfect accuracy?

Of course you do and so do installers and so do your customers! By providing an adjustable spacer fixing everyone achieves the perfect install as there is no need to mark or move a unit, beautifully simple inherent adjustability, as well as the ability to fix wherever it suits!

Showcase to the world that your cabinetry excels in providing creative solutions.

Adopt Space-Plug Evolution to demonstrate and celebrate that your business has the determination to have creative solutions to age-old headaches, and achieve your goal of carbon neutral.

Looking to preserve your guarantees.

With Space-Plug Evolution there’s no need to ever cut a unit on site ensuring your edgebanding remains intact, protecting as it should,
and not filling up the onsite skip.

Aiming for NET Zero! Or just have a requirement to save materials costs

With Space-Plug Evolution you’ll save board by cutting smaller parts but will also find smaller parts will optimise even better, saving you more and reducing waste even further!

Become a more sustainable business...

With Evolution, you can store more base units in your warehouse and get more units on your lorries! Cabinets have a smaller footprint and weigh less. You’ll even reduce on packaging which all adds up to a pretty decent saving on that carbon footprint.

Next Steps...

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