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As a well-respected kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Chris Sharp Cabinets based in Lincoln was an early adopter of Space-Plug Freedom. We started talking to them in 2015 and from the very first phone call, they instantly understood the potential our adjustable spacer fixing could provide for their manufacturing and installation process.  
Paul Kettleborough, MD of Chris Sharp Cabinets

"The bigger you are, and the more kitchen you do, the more you are going to save on material if you take the Space-Plug onboard"

"When you find something new and you use it, and then you look at how other companies do it using the old procedure, it just seems prehistoric! I would not put a void on our kitchens - Space-Plug is the way to go!"
What is Space-Plug Freedom

Contrary to popular design protocols creating the service void with extended side panels is not useful to anyone. It’s an unnecessarily expensive system for the manufacturer, risks the units integrity and creates far more problems than it solves for the installer.

SP Freedom, frees up your furniture from age-old installation headaches of surface mounted pipes, meandering walls, over handling and on site modifications. Just as happened after the invention of plinth feet our adjustable spacer fixing allows you to shorten the side panels and reap some big rewards. Reduced materials, increased optimisation, reduced footprint and reduced weight. All will help you save money, increase profits and gets you another step closer to achieving your carbon neutral goals.
Installers now decide exactly where they want the unit in relation to the wall behind. They never have to scribe around a pipe or wobbly wall and edgebanding ALWAYS remains intact!

Because there’s no scribing there’s no marking or moving a unit once in the room!

That combined with fewer fixing points with fewer components means this super-fast and environmentally friendly system is a hit with installers and customers alike.

The idea of replicating to the wall what we’ve done for so long with the floor really is an obvious and simple way to create instant savings. Our fixing only costs pennies, yet the benefits to your business provide you with a huge return on investment, great financial and material savings as well as added marketing benefits. When you adopt Space-Plug Freedom, we will give you permission to use our Space-Plug “Passport To Freedom”.

Our badge has been specifically designed as a trust seal, for you to use in any way that suits you. Advertise in your showrooms, on your website, on your social media channels, in your marketing literature and on your packaging. Your customers will recognise that your business has invested in a patented, award winning, proprietary fast fit system for their benefit. At the same time provide your marketing team another tool to add value to your furniture, showing you’re ahead of the game and demonstrating a real intent to think! … and do it RIGHT!
Chris Sharp Cabinets - Managing Director loves SP Freedom as edge-banding remains intact and the product retains its factory integrity during installation allowing guarantees to be upheld. Their Marketing manager loves the cabinet design as it provides a great selling point as we allow them to use our Passport to Freedom badge on all their marketing.

Chris Sharp Cabinets - Marketing Nanager loves the cabinet design as it provides a great selling point as we allow them to use our Passport to Freedom badge on all their marketing.

Chris Sharp Cabinets - Operation Manager loves the “wingless design” as he gets more component parts from a sheet due to smaller pieces required and smaller pieces equals increased optimisation - “majorly increased efficiency and profitability”.

Chris Sharp Cabinets -  Kitchen Installers love it as there is no double handling. They can walk the cabinets in a room and place them straight into situ, they never move again. Plus there is no need to cut in and around pipes, there’s no more scribing and no more shimming awkward fiddly fixings – a real “no brainer”.


"Space-Plug has definitely been a move in the right direction for us. We adopted the idea in 2015. It’s been a great success and we’re very happy to sing its praises. The saving in material means we get far more parts from jumbo sheets and because of that profitability has really increased. When we deliver to site the units go straight into place, which really reduces handling and our fitters, who weren’t sure at first, are now over the moon with the flexibility and freedom it gives them. Our clients have given us some great feedback - and if they’re happy we’re happy. From our guarantees point of view, confidence is even higher knowing edge-banding never gets cut away and the unit always stays fully sealed. Great news that it’s made in Britain, something we pride ourselves on and we’re definitely customers for the foreseeable future. All in all, great product and a great idea. We wish Space-Plug every success, with a simple but massively effective bit of kit."

Paul Kettleborough, Managing Director at Chris Sharp Cabinets Kitchens


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